diet issues

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note to self: remember to bring your oatmeal, don’t eat just yogurt for breakfast and don’t scarf your sandwich in 2 minutes so that you think you are still hungry. good thing i ate all that carmel corn. NOT!

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  1. Hell… that sounds like me! Glad to know I’m not alone!

  2. Get this. My bridge is about to fall out, but the dentist doesnt know when he can get me in, so I’m having to eat carefully and slowly and small bites. I dont think I ever realized how FULL i get.  I heated up leftovers last night – knowing it would be enough to fill me, but by the time I got done eating? I was full!

    My point? Maybe I dont want to get my bridge fixed!!!  If I had known it was this easy – I would have loosened my bridge when I was 198 (5ft2in). Hehe.