bahama mama update

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so, it’s been 3 full weeks since i started my workout routine. this morning i went 2.3 miles on the lifestyle elliptical trainer. i burned 320 caleries, and kept my heart rate about 152 or so.

as of tuesday, i’m down 9 pounds. i’m wishing i had done measuring, because i know my clothes are all fitting differently. some (including the infamous pair of jeans) are entirely too loose. i know i’ve not been good about writing my food down here, but i have almost 5 weeks of food journaling in my calendar.

at this point, i’m thinking that my goal of losing 15 pounds by november 1 is going to happen. i’m still thinking 50 by january is a bit too much, but i’m going to add another 15 pound goal when i reach 15 down. i find i do better with very small, very attainable goals.

i am having a bit of trouble with my water intake. if i don’t bring my lunch to work, i for sure don’t drink enough. that happened yesterday. {just got up and got a bottle} do you have any suggestions on how to drink it all? and, i’m back up to 50mg of zoloft. i was trying too hard to go off, and my chemical imbalance couldn’t handle the stress level. i just hope i don’t get spacey. i hate that. i also hope that my weight doesn’t increase with the increase of the drug. i’d hate to think that the only reason i was losing weight was because i was going off zoloft.

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  1. Gwen! Thats awesome! If not sticking to your water is the only thing you arent going full force on, thats okay b/c the rest is AWESOME. I’m impressed. 15 by Nov 1 should be a breeze! Keep up the good work, and with the zoloft? Take care of your MIND first…

    You’re awesome.

  2. I’m on zoloft too… and on the 50 mg.  Did you gain weight while you were on it?

    Good job on the working out!!!  I am a firm believer in food journaling… it tends to keep you more accountable.

  3. I always drink a glass of water after I’ve been to the toilet – it works for me grin

  4. Wow!  Go you!!!  You should be very proud!  I wish I had your discipline. *eating danish as I type this*  ugh.