am i sick, or do i just have allergys?

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aran sweateri’ve had this nasty sore throat since last sunday. that is 9 days of sore throat. can you say i’m sick of this sore throat? i went to urgent care on saturday, only to be told that i’m really not sick. isn’t that pleasant? all i know is that i feel like shit.

so, i’ve been knitting… trying to finish up all my old projects so that i can start a new one. my aran sweater is almost done, just about 3 inches left in the neck, and i’m done. thank god. i’ve only been working on it for a year.

i’m also working on this purse, which i hate more by the minute. i’m thinking i’m going to rip it all out and start again….

blue bag

but the best thing that i’ve finished is miss emily’s sweater. isn’t it lovely? perfect for easter, don’t you think?

emily's sweater

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  1. Seeing your stuff makes me want to take up knitting…