back at home

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the rocker picked me up from the airport yesterday. we didn’t fight, we didn’t argue, we just drove. we talked a bit, and decided to go eat. i started naming places and we ended up at boston market. just for the record, i hate boston market with a passion. i picked my battles yesterday.

then we went and bought a bed! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? i can’t. i’m still in shock. it arrives on sunday. it is so hard. he said it was the most comfortable bed he had laid on in a while. it is a twin. i’m moving my mom’s twin into my room, and my bed into hers. i’m kinda excited because i get to purchase new sheets. we all know my shopping issues as of late.

then we went home and watched the devils game, and the sharks game. lots of hockey. and low and behold, my poncho is almost done. it is really cute. i’m thinking about re-attaching the hood again, but no… i really don’t want to start again. i think it will be fine. i’m still thinking on it.

todays work task is the academic calendar. it is irritating me a bit, but i know i’ll figure it out by the end of the week. i’d better. it’s due on the 30th.

i’m glad to be home, but i sure do miss my vacation.

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  1. I hope your new bed will be comfortable!