you scratch my back…

life is kinda funny… i wanted this site to be skinned… really badly. i set it up properly, but then couldn’t figure out how to make the link bar change sides… it really bugged me so i never implemented.

then i saw that someone was offering to help with skining, and i said, hey maybe she can help me out. and she did, by showing me two .css examples. i felt pretty dumb, but i’m getting over it.

about the same time, i was contacted by a complete stranger to help him set up some paypal stuff in perl. now, i love perl… so i said sure, i’ll take it on. granted, i’ve not touched perl in a year, but i’m having a BLAST… i’ve almost got him set up now… i’m sure i should have it done tomorrow. it’s very exciting!

anywho… i’m sure that he could have had the work done somewhere else much faster but, he is letting me take my time. i gave him a flat rate, so i know he shouldn’t be getting ripped off… you know, the only reason why i took it on is because i wanted to practice up on my perl. i’m not doing it for the money. but i’m getting money… enough to cover the skining issue.

i just thought it was funny… i asked someone for help, right around the time someone asked me for help. and everything is cancelling out. life is so funny.

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  1. Life can be pretty cool sometimes I think!