come here chinga

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missey andrea and i went to the dog park again on saturday morning. there were not as many dogs there as there have been in the past.

there was this cute mutt name bosco, a black cocker named chinga, daisy and olive. it was, dare i say, boring. even for daisy.

then more dogs started coming. a beagle named snoopy who insisted on anally marking EVERYWHERE. at one point my absolutely intelligent dog decided to lay down under him while he was marking. lets just say, it was gross. really gross.

then a woman came in with her corgi mix. she had a european accent of some sort. she came up to us and asked… is that woman calling that dog “chinga”? we said, yeah, that seems to be the dogs name. she then asked us if we knew spanish. neither andrea or i claim to know more than basic high school spanish, so we said no.

the woman then informed us that she couldn’t understand why anyone would name their dog “chinga”, it means “f*ck” in spanish. andrea and i started cracking up. the woman then started going on about different words have different meanings in different languages. people should be careful what word they pick to name their animals. it was quite amusing.

can you imagine? there are tons of spanish speaking people in mountain view… TONS. what happens when your dog gets away? you start yelling “chinga, chinga!” then the spanish speaking people are thinking, “stupid woman, asking for a f*ck.”

god, am i glad that daisy isn’t a swear word in another language. i’d be in tons of trouble.

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