Archives for June 10, 2004

the governator lets the state grieve

you know, there are lots of good reasons to work for the state. tons... this week, the best reason to work for the state is that the great governor of the state of california has given his employees a day off to grieve the passing of president ronald reagan. thus tomorrow, daisy and i get to sleep in. then we get to go return my movies, then i get to go to the mall. i find retail therapy always helps the grieving process, don't you? thank you, oh wonderful governator! … [Read more...]

my brain fails me again.

so, i changed purses this morning. i used the red, white and blue le sportsac purse yesterday because it holds a ton, and i knew i'd be going to the library at lunch. because i have a lunch date, and i'm wearing black, i decided to change to the new uber cute black and white daisy bag. i transfered my wallet, my gum, my lipstick, my badge, and my new camera... did i transfer the stupid cable? NO. ok, so i need a card reader at work. i'm going to have to break down a buy one. i'm getting … [Read more...]