Archives for June 2, 2004

daisy, the poop eating dog.

today i put my next door neighbours trash cans out for her. she is on vacation and her recycle bins were really full. tonight, daisy and i went to bring the cans back in. daisy found some cat poop near the garage door. i pulled her away from it... she dropped what was in her mouth. thank god, i thought, trying not to step on the cat poop that was now in the drive way. i put daisy in the house so i could bring in the other can. i then made a HUGE mistake. i took her off leash. she … [Read more...]

click…  coming soon.

i'm very proud of myself. granted, this may seem funny, but hear me out. i can spend money like nobody's business. in $20's, $50's... little time money. it's really hard for me to spend large amounts of money in one space, unless it's for someone else. i could buy the rocker hundreds of $300 jerseys, $250 pickups, and other assorted sundries. but spend more than $300 on ONE thing for myself, NOT. I can spend $300 in one setting, just as long as there are many things to show for it... … [Read more...]