Archives for June 23, 2004

what is it, part 2

when my family moved from michigan to california way back in the mid 80's, i had to give up my 1979 opel isuzu. i was bummed. i was told there was no way it would pass california emmissions. so, when we got here, my dad and i started looking at cars. we only looked at cars that were less than $1000. preferably less than $500. we saw a beautiful pontiac barracuda, a 1960's model mini cooper, a volvo 544, volkswagon bugs... we also looked at one of these. i still wouldn't mind having one. … [Read more...]

reading, reading, reading

i've finished a couple of books on my list now. i thought i would just say a few words about my recent "chicklit" reads. the accidental virgin by valerie frankel. i give it 8 daisies in the garden. it was a quick and easy read. lots of sex. actually, the book happened over a week... the heroine almost got some from a different person each day. yeah, like i believe that could happen. wait, maybe it could happen, just not to people like me. hmm. anyhoo. if you need a quickie, give it a … [Read more...]