Archives for June 15, 2004

todays haul from the library

of all the things that bug me about my job, there are a few huge benefits. one, we get random days off because someone died. two, we get retirement (and if i stay 30 years, it's almost 100% of my salary). three, i get to go to macromedia's max 2004 using california lottery money (yes, people play the lottery, and i get to reap the benefits). fourth, i get to take six credit units of classes for $12 (yes, i said $12, and that is for graduate courses). and one of the best reasons to work at … [Read more...]

nothing to say

my mom always told me if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. i'm not saying anything. i just adore the people i work with... i adore them. … [Read more...]