Archives for June 8, 2004

venus, goddess of love

you know, i just love this space stuff. this is an incredible sight. the exploratorium has an awesome webast about the event. they sent their scientists over to greece to follow the transit. the webcast includes a brief introduction of greece, how they photographed the event in 1882, and then the history of the transit of venus. … [Read more...]

hello?!? brain, are you there?

my beautiful new olympus c-765 arrived in the mail yesterday. i was so excited! i called my neighbour and asked her if she would put it inside for me. i didn't want someone to see it, and take it. i got home, charged the battery, and 2 hours later i was ready to take pictures. hmm. what to take pictures of? i wanted to take pictures of the pretty bougainvillea that is growning up the oak tree across the street. but it was too dark. i tried to take pictures of daisy, but to my dismay, … [Read more...]