Archives for June 3, 2004

sabercats playoff

anyone have interest in joining me this saturday for the first round of the arena football playoffs? the san jose sabercats are playing the tampa bay storm. there is a free gift for the first 5000 fans... i have good seats. … [Read more...]


i'm having a really hard time concentrating today. at my "session" last night, we talked about relaxation techniques, and how they should help with this. i'm wishing i had brought the tape with me. this flitting from my weekend walks in britain book, addiction solitare, bloglines, and cold fusion is starting to get un-nerving. i just wish i could concentrate today. i tell you what, if the cleaning lady wasn't coming today, i would have stayed home. but i get HUGE guilt when i'm at home and … [Read more...]

damn amazon.

i bought that camera tuesday... amazon just lowered it's price today. damn. if there wasn't a 10% restocking fee, i'd return the one i bought and buy it from them. damn. damn. damn. (it's not as low as the price i paid, but i would have been willing to pay a bit more to buy from them. $15 is fine... $75 is not.) … [Read more...]