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i’ve finished a couple of books on my list now. i thought i would just say a few words about my recent “chicklit” reads.

the accidental virgin by valerie frankel. i give it 8 daisies in the garden. it was a quick and easy read. lots of sex. actually, the book happened over a week… the heroine almost got some from a different person each day. yeah, like i believe that could happen. wait, maybe it could happen, just not to people like me. hmm. anyhoo. if you need a quickie, give it a look.

fat chance by deborah blumenthal. i’m thinking 8 daises in the garden. again, it was an easy read. but, what i didn’t like about the book is the fact that this woman felt the need to lose weight to get a man… 35 lbs. yes, that is a nice number, i’m sure many of us wouldn’t mind losing that much, but… it felt like she was saying that you need to lose weight to get a man. even the man who didn’t want her to lose weight seemed to like her more after she did. maybe the point was that she was happier with herself after the fact. i just didn’t get that. it is an intersting read… made me want to buy a new pair of shoes. smile

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  1. y’know, what you said about ‘fat chance’ reminds me of ‘Jemima J.’  i had heard such great things about it… and then read it and was disappointed.  it was the same old story; fat girl has a crush on a boy, boy likes her only as a friend, girl loses fat, boy suddenly ‘sees’ the girl’s awesome… qualities.  GRRR!!!