Secret Pals…

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Last week my secret pal dropped me a little note telling me that she mailed me a little ‘somtin ‘somtin… I’ve been watching the mail box, waiting and wondering what it could be.

I think with the move, the mail man got confused… Cause the package isn’t here yet! I gave my secret pal the new address… I know Susanna, I didn’t even give you the new address yet…

So, since the wishes for the PG&E man worked yesterday (he was there by 10:30, and I got a nice hot shower before lunch), I’m going to ask for the post man to please, pretty please, deliver my package today.

Thank you Mr. Postman.

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  1. Hi! I sent your package UPS this time, although I usually send via USPS Priority Mail.  (stupid me).  I just wanted to get it off to you ASAP and would of had to wait until Saturday.  I just checked it’s status and it said delivery not until 2/14!!!!! GEEZ!  12 days is a bit much! I coulda sent it to London quicker!!! I am *so* sorry!! Tracking # 1z9468x80340267947.  Believe it or notI *DO* live in the USA, although a couple time zones away… Hang in there! It will be worth the wait (I hope!)

  2. Checked your status today… out for delivery today!!! smile