Who said that?

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So… With my day (yes, I’m still singing the song) in full swing, I asked around and borrowed some cash for lunch. I felt lucky that I had someone to ask, luckier that someone had some cash on them. Normally I don’t.

So, I’m walking to the Student Union and this chick says to me

“Now that’s a great outfit!”

Now, as cute as I may try to dress… people rarely shout out random things to me. Ok, unless they are menatlly ill.

I bet you are wondering what I wore. I know you are. Cute Isaac Mizrahi Indigo Denim Pleated Skirt, light pink turtle neck, black cashmere cardie, pink fishnets, cute black and pink mary janes i got in nyc. My fashion accessory? The uber cute pink ribbon scarf that I knit with the yarn from my SP4!

Now, I thought I looked cute. I wasn’t sure, but I thought so. It was so cool to hear it from someone else! Too bad she wasn’t a guy and he wanted to date. smile

I think this day is looking up, even if I am singing Shirley Temple movie songs!

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    It is always nice to have someone else take notice.

  2. I dont think I’ve EVER had anyone compliment me on an outfit – I need to try harder! hehe.