Oh how I love class!

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Monday is school night. I think you might have guessed that from the last post. Tonight I actually had both my classes. Fun stuff. Actually, I don’t really mind the class I go to.

I was in rare Gwen form tonight. I had verbal diarrhea all night. I couldn’t stop! I complained at one professor that the slides she used last week were not the same ones that she had posted on the website. I told her that was confusing to those of us in the audience who were prepared. Then I went off on my other professor about not posting review questions on the class blog site. I mean hell, if the professor isn’t doing his homework, why should I.

It wasn’t until the girl who sits behind me said that she loved to listen to me complain that I realized that I was in full on rage mode. You know zoot, I think you are having pms for me. I think I’m spreading it in waves all the way out to your neck of the woods.

So, if you are feeling bitchy this week, I take the blame. I’m sharing my PMS with you.

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  1. I wondered why I was such a bitch this morning!  That explains it.

    My poor husband got his ass up, ready and out the door in 10 minutes flat.  He saved himself, but left the poor kids to deal with my wrath wink

  2. I am having PMS too! Although right now I feel more cranky than bitchy…