Just to keep you up to date, my projects…

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This is a baby blanket I’m making for a woman at work. It’s really a bright purple. It’s knit corner to corner. I’ve got two skeins of the yarn, I figure I’ll just keep increasing until I need to change skeins, then I’ll decrease. Should work well. smile It’s called sherpa.
purple baby blanket, knit corner to corner

I started knitting this baby sweater for Ian, but I’m afraid he is too big for it now. I need to finish it, and give it to baby Rowyn. He should be able to wear it in a year or so. smile
sudir domino baby sweater

I bought this yarn at Stitches West. It’s Dale of Norway. It is going to felt up so pretty! I’m excited to finish, but the poncho has been pulling me away.
olive green felted purse, handles interlock

This is my pink poncho. Honestly, I think when I finish I’m going to have to give it as a gift. I don’t think it is going to fit well. I love the yarn, it’s soy silk. I even like working with the pom-pom yarn. I think it really is fun. I’ve just been working the pom-pom up gradually. Eventually, there will just be a dot here or there. I think that will look really cool.
pink poncho, made with pom-pom and soy silk yarn

There you have it, my current projects. I’ve got several others that I have the yarn for, but I haven’t started yet… Including 8 yarns of R2 fuzzy felt that I have no idea what to do with. I think it might become a sweater, but I’m just not sure.

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  1. I can’t wait to see the finished baby blanket.  I’ve never seen a blanket knit that way before.  Very interesting.