Poncho Poncho…  the picture

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whiteponcho.jpgSo, here we are, a picture of me in my Poncho Poncho!

Ok, so I really need a haircut, but i think the poncho turned out so nice. The only thing I haven’t finished yet is the string that goes through the holes around the neck. It’s also supposed to have two pom-pom’s…

About the pom-pom’s… I’m fricking 37 years old. REALLY. Can you tell from the picture? NO, I know you can’t. So my dilemna is this… Do I add the pom-pom’s to the string and look even younger than I do OR do I not add the string at all? Just leave the holes as decoration.

I’m utterly clueless as to what to do. When my admin showed me the picture I said… I can’t wait until I’m 50. Maybe then I’ll look like I’m 30. I know, I should be happy. But, at times, it’s a pain. Then there is the high pitched voice. Wait, no, we won’t go there.

So, I’m looking for fashion advise… Any helpers out there?

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  1. Pom-poms are ageless.  I say add them.

  2. PinkStiletto says

    I actually knitted almost the same one… is that from the first Stitch & Bitch book?

    I found that it was just too short for me—I looked odd in it.  It doesn’t look silly on you, tho. 

    Nice job. smile

  3. I can feel your pain. Hald the time people think I am 16 – or actually they tend to assume I am 18, as I am at uni. I can just see how much fun it’s going to be when I turn up to teach class next year and all the students will think I am an undergrad too… But I wouldn’t look out of place in a high school. And I hate hearing my voice…

    I think you should go for the pom-poms though. Pom-poms are so much fun!

  4. It’s very cute as it is, nice work Gwen.  But I think it would look extra kicky with pom poms.

  5. What the fuck, add the pom poms! (BTW, it looks great already!)

  6. I say leave it.

    However, if you have something you can tie through there and “test” to see if it would look Ok, try that.

    Otherwise, I would keep it. I think it really looks GREAT!

  7. You could… insert a twisted cord from the same yarn, a complimentary color, or perhaps a leather thong with a couple funky beads?  Pom Poms are ageless… and maybe they will make you feel 17?!