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bb6 - Ashlea is OUT!

Ok, so that was no surprise. I mean really. The boys are still running this game. I did think the pairs were really interesting! I knew just the one Kaysar and Michael. That one was easy. Seriously. But Howie and Rachel? I didn't get that one. Nope. Not me. So, I think Kaysar is back on the block this week... And Jennifer Rachel. That's my first guess, and I'm sticking to it. … [Read more...]

BB6 is 2 episodes in, and I’ve not said a word?!?

Ok, so I've been watching. Tuesday night, I was thinking how easily the girls were being manipulated. I don't know why it made sense to all of them to immediately kick out a girl, and that there wouldn't be a boys alliance... but hello?!? Those girls need to get a clue, and quick! Now, I'm kinda wishing that Jennifer had been put up on the block, and they took Kaysar off. I'm not sure I really like any of them yet. Zoot (it's her b-day today, happy birthday Zoot) and I were discussing … [Read more...]

Ok, so I looked…

And it wasn't as bad as I thought. With no picture, I've only been closed twice, and one was because I didn't have a picture. I've answered the questions. Maybe good things will happen. You never know. And, I'm so glad Susanna is back from holiday. More importantly, that she and her family were not affected by the bombings in London. … [Read more...]

Here is a question for you.

What does it mean when I hide from the email account I set up for eHarmony to email me when I have communication? Yeah, that's what I thought too. Chicken. … [Read more...]

Why do you only need a plumber after 8 on Sunday night?

Yesterday, my main sewer drain had a bad day. It started with some laundry, then it had all the icky things from the fridge put down it, then the dishwasher... Not to mention all the flushing and hand wasing that went on. Next thing I know, my mom is asking me for the plunger. I go to get it out of my bathroom, and guess what I've got? 3 inches of kitchen water and waste in my shower. Let me tell you, it really was lovely. And totally disgusting. After much deliberation, Mom and I … [Read more...]

Now London?!?

I awoke this morning to bombings in London. I am so sad. I hear street names, underground station names, and I know where they are talking about. I just don't get it. What to terrorists get from killing innocent people? I can't believe that it helps their cause any. The G8 summit is supposed to help deal with climate changes and poverty. Now instead of keeping those issues in the headlines, they are back on the back burner again... Taking a back seat to terrorists. And honestly, who … [Read more...]

My credit card has been partying hard!

So, when Visa called me to tell me that my credit card was being used in Chicago over the weekend, the guy told me that the person who was charging actually HAD a card in their possession. I thought that was really interesting, since my card was in my purse here in California. Today, the charges started hitting my account. Boy howdy, was this clone card having a good time in Chicago! First it visited Fairplay Finer Foods. The next day, it moved on to Menards & Wal-Mart, and stopped to have … [Read more...]

My weekend, in a nutshell.

So, here you have it. The down and dirty of a three day weekend. Tried to leave work on Friday at 12, 1, 2... finally left at 3 Went shopping with Mom, saw MM in the Macy's Women department, waiting for his wife in the dressing room. Talked at me about wireless internet he was stealing. Had first freak out moment of the weekend Committed internet blunder, and fixed it Had second freak out moment of the weekend Sister blew off Mom and I for lunch Saturday Got pedicure and haircut (did not let … [Read more...]