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emily turns one

i really wasn't looking forward to the weekend on friday. thus the custard puff for breakfast. i thought, i'll start friday by eating something yummy, and maybe the yumminess would just follow through to the weekend. well. ok. it was a thought. friday night was boring. it has been for years, why stop now. saturday, missey andrea and i took daisy, olive and baby tabitha to the dog park. daisy, was well behaved (for a change). she didn't try to mount anyone. that was good. olive on the … [Read more...]

who needs friends.

ok. i had a shitty weekend. SHITTY. i really want to write about it but, i've already cried more than 5 hours this weekend. i really don't want to cry any more. the only good thing was that the sabercats won last night. that's it. that's all. i'll write the cold, hard facts of the SHITTY weekend later. god, my friends are just down right mean some times. … [Read more...]

grocery store

i think this was the first night i have actually gone to the grocery store since the rocker left. i've been threatening to go, then i decide i don't want to. this trip, i talked to the pharmacist. ok, i always talk to the pharmacist. she is a cool lady that isn't too much older than i am. she tells me that i shouldn't be bothered that i have to pick-up my mothers prescriptions because, well, she is my mother. she also said something interesting... after telling her that i broke up with … [Read more...]


last night as carey was leaving the office, he said "would anyone like flowers from the flowermart? i'm going". now, carey has been uber nice to me since this whole rocker thing, and so i said "i'd love some pink glads". he said he would see what he could do. this morning, on my desk was a small bouquet of pink and white carnations, with all the fun bouquet extras. i'm so touched. he said the glads wern't worth buying and the flowers were really just extras from his project. regardless of … [Read more...]


recycle day is every other wednesday in my neighborhood. today happens to be recycle day. i was good this week, i put my bins out last night. i thought it would be helpful, as far as time goes. pre-rocker there were 2 liter bottles in my bin. now, it is filled with cans. six weeks ago, i came out of the house to find this man digging through my bin, fishing out the cans. i told him 'NO', and he rode his bike away. four weeks ago, he didn't visit my house, but i saw him riding around. … [Read more...]

the web monkey falls of my back…

RIP webmonkey... thank you for teaching me the beauty/non-beauty of frames. thank you for your relentless coverage of new web technologies. thank you for those everso helpful and funny monkey bites. thank you for helping me to not feel stupid when i didn't know the answer to that random html question. i'll miss you. *** update *** now i know i've been out of touch for the past 9 months. i'm sure i've visited this site 10's of times since february... and i just realized this now. god, … [Read more...]

hawks and mountain lions

sunday morning, when daisy and i were out on our morning constitutional, i saw a hawk. it was just sitting on the fence post, doing nothing. it saw daisy and me, walking towards it, then it took flight. it flew right over my head, just about 4 feet above it actually. i was thinking, when did that move into the neighborhood? last night on our walk, there were two hawks. one was basically chasing the other. it is incredible to have wildlife so close to home. unfortunately, a mountain lion … [Read more...]


have i told you how much i dislike my group? i mean really, have i told you? yet again, i'm not invited to a group function. they have all gone off campus for lunch. i hate that. i really hate that. … [Read more...]

monday night session

{angry rant} tonight was therapy. gotta love therapy. today we talked more about how the rocker isn't right for me, how inmature he is, and how i made the best decision that i could have made. yes, i know all these things. NO, I DON'T CARE. i miss the rocker, god damn it. he used me, played passive-agressive games with me, and made me feel like shit most of the time, but I MISS HIM. and yes, i know, i made the right decision. that doesn't mean i'm happy about it. {/angry rant} … [Read more...]


i've got a nasty headache this morning. i'm thinking it's time for drugs. advil anyone? … [Read more...]