daisy, the poop eating dog.

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today i put my next door neighbours trash cans out for her. she is on vacation and her recycle bins were really full.

tonight, daisy and i went to bring the cans back in. daisy found some cat poop near the garage door. i pulled her away from it… she dropped what was in her mouth. thank god, i thought, trying not to step on the cat poop that was now in the drive way.

i put daisy in the house so i could bring in the other can. i then made a HUGE mistake. i took her off leash. she promptly ran for the open garage door and took off down the street. she was now on the cat poop eating mission.

i’m calling after this dog, “daisy, want some cookies”. yeah, right. she kept searching for the illustrious cat poop. damn dog.

then some other neighbours saw her running away from me, they started to laugh. she ran straight to her favorite place to find cat poop. i said, to hell with this. “let them fine me the $50. she will come home eventually.”

i turned around to finish putting my neighbours recycle cans in her house. i got the can in, and as i was locking up, here prances daisy… she had this, “did i do something wrong” look on. yeah right. i put her leash on, and walked her butt home. no more walk for you. nasty cat poop breath dog. damn. now i need to brush her teeth.

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  1. The kitty litter in our house is actually sitting on a little table to keep the dogs out of it. GRRR. I hate that. They love the cat poo…

  2. lol!! i never knew dogs liked cat poo… this is something i need to file away.

  3. I wonder if they seek it out knowing well that it is in fact fecal matter, or if they just think it’s every-dog-day food…..