arena bowl bound!

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arena bowl xviii, not the coolness of the cats-lair, but the heat of the desert!i didn’t really talk much about my weekend… my friend stephen visited from bakersfield, and joined me, nikki and nate for the sabercats game.

now, as usual, the sabercats won. they “crushed” the chicago rush with a score of 49 – 35. this of course made me estatic. there were some chicago fans sitting next to us. at the begining of the game they were very vocal. by the end of the game, you would have never guessed that they were there.

this win gave my sabercats a place at arena bowl xviii. fantasmic! the only thing that we needed to happen was to have the rattlers lose to the colorado crush (the team owned by john elway). now, we beat the crush at our last match-up, but we lost to the rattlers the last two. you can see the importance of the crush winning the game. because the rattlers beat us twice this season, if they win the game, the arena bowl is in arizona. this is not a good thing (for the cats, or for me)

needless to say… the crush couldn’t handle the pressure in the last few seconds of the game, and arizona won. bummer.

so my san jose sabercats are on their way to arizona to {gets down on knees to pray} BEAT the rattlers in the arena bowl.

the game is on sunday, june 27. i, of course, will be on vacation in vancouver. i wouldn’t have been at the game anyway.

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  1. Our Vipers are AF2 – but I still love them.  We have a big rivalry game this weekend. Woo!