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one week from today, i’ll be sleeping in vancouver. i so need this vacation.

i’ve been trying to go off of zoloft. i can feel it all over. i’m more emotional, i’m very angry, and my tummy is pissed off. i really just want to call the rocker and beg him to come back. i just miss him.

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  1. Hang in there girl. You’re brave for trying to break the ties with Zoloft, but dont be too hard on yourself…and dont put too much on yourself right now. Vancouver will be a good thing for you.

  2. I remember when I came off Zoloft and I don’t envy you.  I was barely taking any at that point (something like 1/4 of a pill), but I got really ill, I had to stay in bed for days.
    If you are feeling really unwell try getting off it after your vacation instead. You should enjoy your time off, and some stupid pill shouldn’t ruin it.
    I know you are strong and you can get off Zoloft, but don’t be too hard on yourself!