one hot daisydo!

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for a little dog, i think daisy has the longest tongue on the face of the planet.  but she is really cute, so that helps!

ok, so i may be her mom, but even when she is panting like a mad woman, she is cute as a button!

daisy and i went to the dog park on saturday morning, and i remembered my camera! more pictures to come later on today. daisy in the shade

silly dog trying to climb the fence

having a rest…

bodie wants a drink! can someone help?

daisy and friends sniffing a way!

no, you big dog! you aren’t welcome in the small dog area!

come on, you know you want to throw the ball for me!

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  1. Daisy is still the cutest of them all!

  2. AAAAH. I love it. Of course, I’m a sucker for dog pictures, I take way more pics of my dogs than I do my animals. What type of dog is Daisy? She almost looks like a bichon? And that pooch from the “resting” picture? I LOVE that picture. It needs a word bubble! HA!

  3. ms. do is a mutt.  she is 28 lbs…  i know, she looks much smaller in the picture.  we think, that she is a lhasa mix.  she has that protective attitude about her.  smile

  4. Cute as a button but almost as cute as my Buster! =p~

    Yes he is a net nerd too!!! =)

  5. lol, those are a-dor-a-ble!!!

    and Daisy is definitely the fairest of all!