we have a winner!

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i can’t believe that the winner of my little what is it contest is from norway. can you believe it? norway. jarle guessed correctly that it is a morris minor 1000.

when my dad first started looking for cars for me to drive, he couldn’t believe the large variety of cars that were available in california. in michigan, you have salt on the roads in winter. all that salt and water just rusts cars away. in california, you have none of that. so if you take care of your car, your car sticks around.

the final reason why i couldn’t have the morris minor was the parts factor. dad was afraid that the car would break and the cost to fix it would be more than the car was worth.

i still think that the morris minor is a beautiful car. i’m sure i will own one some day.

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  1. Having grown up a half-hour’s drive from the heart of Motown, you’d think I may have had a shot at that. I’ve not only never seen one, but I’ve never heard the name!

    You’re dad was obviously more car-ish than mine, although my bro had a Chevy Biscayne, and he had a Chevy Corvair for a summer; a couple of oddball classics.

    Michele is dying for a 66 Mustang. I’d be happy with a retro Vespa “Scooter.”

  2. Oh, that’s so cute!  I’ve never heard of it either.  I have UAW blood running through my veins and I’m sure I would be swimming with the carp in the Detroit River if I ever owned a foreign made auto.  The closest I ever came was having a Chevy Spectrum, which had an Isuzu engine.  But I am SO with Gary’s Michele on the ‘66 Mustang though.  Maybe white with custom pink interior…