As if you don’t have enough to do…

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Snidget suggests that we throw rocks at boys. I agree. Have at it.

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  1. I can’t stop playing that game… I’m totally addicted.

  2. You’re very welcome for the link. I love your site!

  3. Somewhere in the “Chapter Two” of the Wholly Bibble, there’s a story I read once upon a time …

    … once upon a time a super long time ago, there was a hooker in the town square of Jeresulem, and everybody wanted to throw rocks at her … then Big J.C. stepped in and said, “Whover is without sin can throw the first stone.”

    Suddenly, a big ol’ rock came out of the back of the crowd and hit the chick square in the head and K.O.‘d her out COLD.

    JC looked in toward the back of the crowd and said, “MAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHM!!”

  4. No!!  We don’t all suck!!  I swear!