Daisy’s new spot!

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This morning I decided not to go work out so that I could spend a little more time with Daisy. She seems to be getting back to her old habits. She gave me a doggie bath when I got out of the shower. She played with a toilet paper tube. Actually, she seemed pretty happy this morning.

Then, I pushed the bed in my mom’s room under the window, and opened the blinds. I said, “Look Daisy!” and she jumped on the bed, and started stairing out the window. It was so cute!

When I left, I said “Good-bye Daisy” and got in my car. As I’m backing out of the driveway, there was Daisy, stairing out the window, watching me leave. It was even cuter from outside than it was from inside!

I decided I’d better drive around the block to see if she was still going to be in that window. There she was! Stairing out that window! She watched me turn the corner. I think she knew it was me, and I felt bad. But I’m so happy that she likes the window! I knew she would. That was one thing that I think bugged her about the old house. She couldn’t see out. Now she can. smile

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  1. smile

    Don’t hate me for this, but one thing I learned from my old dog is that letting them look out of windows increases their anxiety and makes them more neurotic.

    Look up barrier frustration on google.  :(

    Again, no hating.  smile