New phone number, new hastles

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You know what is worst about moving? Ok, besides moving, unpacking, changing your address… Getting a new phone number.

Allied Interstate, a collection agency, has been calling every day. Now, these people never called me before… They started calling the minute I turned this number on. Actually, the second. I’ve called, twice, to tell them they have the wrong number. The first time I was told that they would mark in the file that this was not the person they were looking for. I was promised they wouldn’t call again.

You got it. They called again. I know there are lots of people hiding from their debt. I’m not one of them. I pay my student loan payment every month. I paid my car payment every month when I had one. I pay my utilities every month. I did the don’t pay bills thing once. I’ll never do that again. God, what a mess that is.

So, I called again tonight to ask them to stop. I’ll be calling again tomorrow. Please Allied Interstate, stop calling me. It’s not my bill, it’s not my debt, and you are barking up the wrong damn tree. This girl doesn’t have any extra cash to pay for some dead-beats bills. I have to buy yarn!

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  1. How come you need to get a phone number when you move? Thanks goodness we could just take ours with us when we last moved…

  2. You haven’t been pinging and I thought you’ve been away!

    We’ve had the same phone # for 15 years but a nail company got a very similar # and for years we’ve gotten people wanting to make appts.  The husband got so tired of it he started taking appts!  They finally changed their # because he was causing so much trouble wink

  3. Ugh, what a mess. I’m not sure about this but I believe you can write them a letter asking them to stop calling (I’d send it certified) and then if they call you they’re breaking the law and you could actually sue them. Not that you want to do that, but the letter might be worth it to get them to stop calling.

  4. That is definitely a form of harrassment..if they keep calling I would definitely do something about it. Good luck!

  5. i hate packing as well

  6. Our phone number was one digit off of EZ rental – one day some woman listened to our answering machine message SAY our family name, then proceeded to leave her message for us to deliver the sofa on a different day.  Uh, hello!!!
    Great blog – found you on Chaos Girls link.  I will have to put you on mine now!! Come see me.

  7. Bah. They do not let the phone numbers stay dead long enough.

  8. I am having almost the exact same problem with this Allied Interstate company.  They have called me looking for someone else and when I explained that I am not that person…the rep actually called me a liar and made fun of me for coming up with such a lame story.  I have filed a complaint with the attorney general’s office.  I encourage you to do the same!

  9. For the last 3 to 4 months I have been receiving and automated message from Allied Interstate.The person calling left her name (Penny).When I called back and asked for Penny the person on the other end of the phone said she was not there.I ask what this was about.They ask me for my phone # and my name.They told me I was not in their system.They have continued to call me every other day with different messages.I have callad back 4 times to find out why they keep calling me but no one seems to know or care.I have never received a call from these people before,until now.I would hope someone has and idea.If so I would love to hear it.Maybe we should form a club and go physically to this place find the owner and have a word with him.

  10. SEND THEM A LETTER.  Do NOT talk to them any more.  IF they call AFTER they get the letter, go to and file a consumer complaint against these bozos.