Hardwood floors!

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Today when I get home, I should have the most beautiful hardwood floors in my two front rooms. For the past week, I’ve had guys working at the house, tearing out carpet, taking off the peel-n-stick tiles stuck to the hardwood, and then the sanding, varnishing, sanding, varnishing processes.

Daisy and I have been dealing with no heat and strong smells since Monday night. Last night, I finally added the extra down comforter to my bed, and I wasn’t cold.

I think that the exercise will be worth it. At least I hope so. I’m tired of freezing my tail off at night.

Besides, I’ve got to nest sometimes, and my living room really isn’t a good place for two bedrooms worth of furniture.

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  1. Cool! Hardwood floors rule!

  2. when i get my new house it will have hardwood floors