LOAD520 – Day 21

Today we decided not to do school. It wasn't a hard decision. It really wasn't. Sean is just not motivated, and John and I are having to hold his hand to get through everything. Even art. It's crazy. So we went cherry picking. There were two people that we encountered. The person who gave us the bags, and the person who took our money. We picked 12 pounds of cherries. I think John really enjoyed the picking. I read later that we weren't supposed to pick the stems. Oops. Might have … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 20

When things are hard at home, it's really hard to blog about my layouts. Because, I don't like the layouts I create when I'm angry. I was angry for two days. I was angry that the Language Arts teacher gave yet another assignment that would take Sean much longer than the 9 hours of time that he has to work on that class through the end of the year. He also has poetry due, and a journal about a book that he read. She started telling me about how many days he had the assignment. The problem … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 17

Today, I spent most of my day trying to help Sean get his Shakespeare paper done. It was due on Friday. We asked for more time when we realized it really didn't say much. We are about half way done. It's exhausting trying to keep his voice and add so much context. Sigh. I made him take a shower. I think he is feeling better, but I do think he went to bed angry. He was unwilling to tell us about what. I've got a email into his old counselor. Maybe she is willing to help us out this … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 16

I'm done. I want to move. I want to leave and go to a county that lets you out. I want out. I'm guessing we could sell the house. I'm sure we could buy a house. There is one, in Aromas. Unfortunately, it's the wrong time to look at houses. It's the wrong time to pull him from school. It's just the wrong time. I'm just damn tired. Abbey LOAD Day 16 - Strawberry Fields Forever (song)Story: Scrapbook a page about how you connect with nature.Technique: Use strawberries or fruit … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 15

It's hard to believe that we are 1/2 way done with LOAD. Well, technically tomorrow, the 31 days thing. Today is Charlie's birthday. Happy birthday! Charlie is Sean's best friend. We went over to his house to drop off his birthday present, and leave him some rice krispy treats that I made today. I embarrassed him with lots of horn honking. He was taking out the trash, so we didn't social distance very well. We didn't stay to talk, although I think Sean would have liked to. Charlie … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 14

Wow. It was a busy day. I went to get a book from Hickelbee's. Then, I got the dogs prescription. Then, I went to Target. I didn't really enjoy Target. There were too many people in there, and even with a mask on, I was pretty uncomfortable. I did, however score toilet paper. So there is that. We have started doing a Thursday leftover night, as garbage day is Friday. It's a great way to empty things out, and my fridge has lots of room for my bubly water now. I don't think I have to go … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 13

It was such a busy day. I got up and finished my bagels. Which were flat. I'm confused by that. So, I will be doing some research on why my bagels were flat. They taste fantastic, but I want them not to be flat. I also made bread today. Anadama bread. It's made with soaked polenta and molasses. It is delicious. I almost forgot that I had started it yesterday. I'm done baking for the week. I also managed to get a layout out. I kinda followed one prompt, but not the other. Here is … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 12

What a day. You know when your kid punches a hole in the wall, you think about things. So, I made bagels. Well, I started bagels. I started Anadama bread too, but that was just soaking polenta. I made the bagel dough, shaped the bagels and refrigerated them. I made chicken pot pie for dinner. It was good, but the crust was going to kill me. We almost went out. I got a grip. I did not punch a hole in the wall. I did go out and play Pokemon Go for a little bit. Not too long. The … [Read more...]

LOAD520 – Day 11

Yeah. Sean punched a hole in the wall today. That's it. Abbey LOAD Day 11 - Day in the Life (song)Story: Use the 'Day in the Life' song inspiration to create a layout that represents a day in your life.Technique: Use time/clocks on your page I wasn't into it today. Sorry. No prompt. Just me and my dad driving through the Chandelier Tree in Leggett, California. … [Read more...]

LOAD510 – Day 10

Today is Mother's Day. It wasn't a great day. It was full of little irritants. Like, John got me new robes. I picked the wrong size. They are too big and look too big. We already washed them. We ordered dinner. We prepaid, and had a time. They were 45 minutes behind. Little things. Lots of little things. There is also the whole mother thing. I miss my mother horribly. But, my mother hasn't been my mother for years. I'd love to call my mother. But, she... Well, it just doesn't … [Read more...]