what fun was my weekend

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first, i’m going to apologize for not having any pictures from my weekend. i have no excuse, the camera is on the dining room table, the batterys are full and i have room on my cards. that being said, on to the fun stuff!

what a wonderful weekend i had. my uber cool cousin came to visit me from davis. it was unexpected to say the least. i thought i was going to go spend saturday with her… then she suggested that she come and visit… and within a few hours she was on her way!

cin came down after work on friday. she was at my house by 8. we decided to go see the village. there were good times at the movies in milpitas. so, we drove out. of course, they were sold out just after we arrived. bummer for us. so, we stopped at coldstone for a bit of ice cream for dinner (small of course, thinking of my diet), and took a long walk around the great mall. it was closed, so good for my pocket book!

we then decided to try and see our movie over at the century’s near my house. we got all the way over there to find that the movie was sold out there too. POO. but not to worry, we ended up seeing harold and kumar go to white castle. what a fun movie! i really enjoyed it. we both were laughing and having a really good time.

by the time we got back to my house it was after 12. cin and i thought we were going to sit and chat, but i started to fall asleep. so, i set her up in my mom’s room, and i went to bed.

saturday morning, missey andrea came over and we took the dogs to the dog park. cin held tabitha for most of the time. god, you can tell she has two kids. she looked so natural with her. smile daisy actually talked to people and played with other dogs this time. she wasn’t glued to my hip. it was very nice.

after the park cin and i went to the cheesecake factory for lunch. i was good and had the french country salad with no dressing. i did this so i could have cheesecake. cin had sliders. it seems the movie the previous night influenced her decision. she gave me a taste. they were yummy!
then we had cheesecake. tolberone swiss almond cheese cake. it was ok. not great. we decided we woudn’t have it again.

after lunch, we went shopping. we went to nordstrom, where stila was having a free makeover day! so, you know it, we got free makeovers! it was so much fun. i will tell you, both cin and i felt like we needed a make-under after that! but, we looked good. we should have taken a picture. it was my fault, really it was.

then we went to macy’s, and shopped the clearance racks. we each got a new dress. smile it’s really cute. i might wear it tomorrow to work. i’m excited.

we went back to my house and had tea and toast for dinner. i had my tea from the empress. i had 2 huge cups of it. then i had marmalade and butter with my toast. yummy (but not hurting my diet!).

sunday morning we went to noah’s to get a bagel and then to starbucks to get her some coffee. she left shortly there after.

we had the bestest time! i really needed that. i could bitch and moan and gripe, and laugh and shop and play! gotta love cin! she is the cats meow!

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