Archives for August 19, 2004

bye-bye will, hello karma!

if i ever hated adria before, i really hate her now. i mean really... how could she do it? how could she take down will? nasty wench of a girl! but now, the "powers that be" have given the hoh to nik. thank god! we all know what she should do, put those nasty wonder-twins up. god, they are so evil. i think that the only way to ensure that one of them goes is to put both of them up! and for the record, will's comment upon leaving: "if karma is a boomerang, i'll be seeing you sooner than … [Read more...]

bb5 tonight!

i'm really excited for bb5 tonight! i have no idea who is going, but a and natalie had better be on the block. that's all i have to say about that. … [Read more...]