Archives for August 2, 2004

miss manners takes on bloggers!

i was reading over at nongirlfriend about the fact that miss manners wrote a little somethin' somethin' about blogging. Friends are not the ideal receptacles for daily confidences that keep making these points, as it does not take long to discover. Their minds wander, causing them to misunderstand or forget what they were told. They are especially prone to forgetting they were told not to tell others. Their emotions don't always come out the way they were supposed to, and they make irritating … [Read more...]

what fun was my weekend

first, i'm going to apologize for not having any pictures from my weekend. i have no excuse, the camera is on the dining room table, the batterys are full and i have room on my cards. that being said, on to the fun stuff! what a wonderful weekend i had. my uber cool cousin came to visit me from davis. it was unexpected to say the least. i thought i was going to go spend saturday with her... then she suggested that she come and visit... and within a few hours she was on her way! cin came … [Read more...]

what you talkin’ bout south africa?

i'm not religious, let me make that clear. but the thought that a country would cancel christmas is just wrong. i'm a HUGE fan of christmas, HUGE. i can't wait until christmas every year. i make a christmas cd, i buy way too many presents, i send christmas cards. i understand that for many, christmas is very religious. but for me, it's not. it's all about santa claus, snow and children. someone aught to take those politicians and smack them. what are they thinking? … [Read more...]