Archives for August 12, 2004


and as a side note, bb5 was awesome tonight! NO MORE JASE and his urineating self! what a disgusting man. eww. … [Read more...]

we’re of to see the vet!

ms. do has green goober things in her left eye. it's so gross. i thought maybe she had some last night, but i was hoping i was wrong. oh my god, i was so wrong! i came home tonight and gave her a good look, and green gunk everywhere! i tried wiping it out, and took a good look at her eyeball. it's all red and irritated! poor daisy! so, i immediately call the vet, who says, i can't get you in until saturday. poor daisy has to wait until saturday to make her eye goobers go away. boy … [Read more...]

free ipod!

***making this sticky because none of my friends has completed an offer, and i really want a free ipod*** per polyester bride, help me get a free ipod! ok, so i went over to, registered, and signed up... now, if 5 others sign up (and do an offer) too, i get a free ipod! now, i've been dying for an ipod since i started working out... i was going to ask for one for christmas, but if i could get one free, that would be awesome! so, help out this poor chica if you can... as … [Read more...]