what happened to my luck?

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this weekend was interesting to say the least. it started off simply enough… i went and got my friday night movies, then sat down to another boring friday night. missey andrea called and asked if i could watch olive for her while they went to a wedding in napa. you know i said yes. olive is a nice dog, little italian greyhound. very cute. other than that friday was normal, and boring.

saturday morning, i got up and went to the post office. i picked up my coffee pot that came from canada. first, the box looked like it had been dropped. second, upon opening my box, i found the lid had 2 small chips. i paid for a “mint” pot. needless to say, i wasn’t pleased. dirty (which it was) was fine, chipped, is not. i’m not sending it back to the person in canada. i really should leave bad ebay feedback, but i sent her a note saying i wasn’t leaving her feedback. i learned something, ALWAYS ask if there are chips before you bid.

then olive showed up. believe you me, she was not happy to be at my house. she cried for 2 hours after andrea left. i hope daisy doesn’t act like that. then, she poo’ed in the house. eww. i left her alone for 2 hours while i took daisy to the vet. (daisy has eye drops and is feeling much better). while i was gone, she broke my bright blue vase… wait, broke is the wrong word. shattered. she shattered my vase.

after a quick paw check, both dogs were locked outside for me to clean up the shards. wouldn’t you know it, the vaccum cleaner broke too! i had to roll up the rug and put it in the garage… i didn’t want any little puppy paws to get cut up.

olive then poo’ed in the house again. and i decided that i’d better not go out while she was there. who knows what she was going to do. she growled at daisy when daisy was eating her food. the got mad when i took a minute to give daisy her drops.

needless to say, olive was very happy to have her mom and dad pick her up sunday afternoon. i didn’t mind having her, i just thought she was a bit more behaved. next time, i’ll be prepared, and daisy and i will stay at her house. smile

actually, all that really wasn’t the worst of my weekend. all that was a nuisance, yes, but it wasn’t that bad.

this morning… i forgot to take my towel to the gym. our gym doesn’t provide towels. what a big bummer. that, my friends, was the worst of my weekend. working out, then realizing that i had no towel. god what a loser.

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  1. Isnt it funny how dogs are such home-bodies? We prefer to dog sit at our house so that OUR dogs dont go crazy at other peoples home.

  2. you are not a loser.
    Stop saying that .. your subconcious has no sense of humor!

    Naughty Olive!