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i'm feeling utterly anti-social. i just want to stay home and watch bb5 feeds. hmm... could it be that i worked too hard today? i mean really, i worked out for 30 minutes this am, walked at lunch for 45 minutes, and had yoga class tonight. i think maybe i'm just exausted. … [Read more...]

what happened to my luck?

this weekend was interesting to say the least. it started off simply enough... i went and got my friday night movies, then sat down to another boring friday night. missey andrea called and asked if i could watch olive for her while they went to a wedding in napa. you know i said yes. olive is a nice dog, little italian greyhound. very cute. other than that friday was normal, and boring. saturday morning, i got up and went to the post office. i picked up my coffee pot that came from … [Read more...]


and as a side note, bb5 was awesome tonight! NO MORE JASE and his urineating self! what a disgusting man. eww. … [Read more...]

we’re of to see the vet!

ms. do has green goober things in her left eye. it's so gross. i thought maybe she had some last night, but i was hoping i was wrong. oh my god, i was so wrong! i came home tonight and gave her a good look, and green gunk everywhere! i tried wiping it out, and took a good look at her eyeball. it's all red and irritated! poor daisy! so, i immediately call the vet, who says, i can't get you in until saturday. poor daisy has to wait until saturday to make her eye goobers go away. boy … [Read more...]

free ipod!

***making this sticky because none of my friends has completed an offer, and i really want a free ipod*** per polyester bride, help me get a free ipod! ok, so i went over to, registered, and signed up... now, if 5 others sign up (and do an offer) too, i get a free ipod! now, i've been dying for an ipod since i started working out... i was going to ask for one for christmas, but if i could get one free, that would be awesome! so, help out this poor chica if you can... as … [Read more...]

oh what a night…

last night was gno. we had chinese. i sucked on my diet. i didn't really have a good time. lots of baby talk again. i'm tired of baby talk. we even got into baby names... why should you not name your daughter daria? diarria {poot poot}. after gno, i went to safeway to pick up supplies for the pineapple upside down cake. i got home around 7:30, and daisy was jumping up and down on me. we went for a very short walk and got her cookies at the neighbours (both sets). then we get home, … [Read more...]

hawaii day in the hall

yesterday, my admin asked me to make-up a little postcard for a hallway event this week. i went over to istockphoto, then to stockstash looking for an image... of course, i decided to use the image the hippie uses for her website. it's such an awesome image! who can resist... i'm going to make pineapple upside down cake for the party tomorrow. nope, not on my diet, but i can have a piece, right? this morning i started my workout. i did 20 minutes on the recumbant bike and 20 minutes on … [Read more...]

joining the gym

today i took my butt down to the event center and joined the gym. hmm. i'd still rather start with a trainer, but i can make lots of excuses why i shouldn't go to the gym! i need to stop making excuses. so, now i've put my money where my mouth is, and i have to go. it would be a waste if i didn't, right? i start tomorrow at 7 (thats when they open)... i'm excited and scared all at the same time. … [Read more...]

diet issues

note to self: remember to bring your oatmeal, don't eat just yogurt for breakfast and don't scarf your sandwich in 2 minutes so that you think you are still hungry. good thing i ate all that carmel corn. NOT! … [Read more...]

bahama mama challenge

my diet has been in full force for the past week. i'm pretty sure i'm down 2.5 lbs. i've been journaling to beat the band, i've been walking at lunch and with daisy at night, and i've been trying to drink all my water! this morning i was over at put down the donut reading joelle's post on the bahama mama challenge. i think 50 lbs by january 15th may be a bit hard for me, but i'm going to try her challenge! now, at one point i lost 35 lbs on weight watchers. i gained 15 back, but i'm still … [Read more...]