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daisy gets this!
daisy is a conehead!
when daisy does this… warning… it’s gross!
lookie daisy's owie!

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  1. Poor daisy!

  2. Poor Daisy! Though it’s kind of funny to see dogs wearing those.. hehe.

  3. warn a girl, eek! poor dog… but icky. :(

  4. Aw, poor doggy.  It is kinda funny though.

  5. Poor Baby, she’s a little tail biter. Does she have doggy allergies or a little OCD? If it’s the latter, you may try adding a couple drops of “Rescue Remedy” to her food or water, it’s a natual herbal stress reliever for pets and humans that can help with anxiety issues. You can find it at your local healthfood store.

  6. daisy looks like my romeo


  7. WHY did you post that?!  GRODY, grody, grody!!

    Must.  Lie.  Down.

  8. poor lil thing. i can’t help but laugh at my dog when he has to wear one of those. it’s just too funny!

  9. What is she a little lovely, by the way! Pity that tailbiting, how come?

  10. Poor thing…my BIL’s dog has severe allergy issues…He gets those spots all over…its so sad.

  11. From the time i Posted the last comment to NOW – you’ve redecorated! I love it!

  12. OUCH!

    What happened? Looks like she is a tail biter. My Buster here loves to chew his paws even thou he has ‘frontline’ flea protection but not as bad as poor daisy!