bb5 tonight!

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i’m really excited for bb5 tonight! i have no idea who is going, but a and natalie had better be on the block.

that’s all i have to say about that.

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  1. There was no way I could win this week—Will & Marvin were my two favourites.

    Damn you, Adria!

    Here’s hoping Nicomas will bring down a terrible vengenance upon the evil spawn. Or she could just nominate them both for eviction. That would be good too.

  2. I liked adria at first, before nat came in, and i think i do like natalie still, but adria just took hoh too far and acted like she was queen. and her bolony that god talked to her and guided her with her decision, she is just making me sicker and sicker. i too liked will and marvin,  marvin more so than will just for the fact that he stands alone and is constantly on the block, i too will be glad to see adria go this week and im sure she will, but what i will enjoy seeing more then that, is will and adria alone on that island for a week after the way will left the house, now that should be interesting.

  3. Watching the live feeds, I first found Marvin to be somewhat repulsive, and mysogonistic… After watching more live feeds, I realized he also makes fun of gay(s), cowboy(s), jocks… He seems to find something comical about everyone.

    I was sorry to see Wil go too, but he did get quite bitchy in the last couple days. Yo, Diva, better check yourself!

    A and Nat can both go. God talks to me too, and he says “hey Gary, do something constructive with your life and stop DVDing Big Brother 5.”