bye-bye will, hello karma!

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if i ever hated adria before, i really hate her now. i mean really… how could she do it? how could she take down will? nasty wench of a girl!

but now, the “powers that be” have given the hoh to nik. thank god! we all know what she should do, put those nasty wonder-twins up. god, they are so evil. i think that the only way to ensure that one of them goes is to put both of them up!

and for the record, will’s comment upon leaving: “if karma is a boomerang, i’ll be seeing you sooner than later” was the best quote of the entire show.

lets hope adria is gone. and soon. yes, i know i have no life, but i really like bb5. really!

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  1. Hell yeah.  I was so rooting for those twins until this past week.
    Now they need to die.
    Will cracked me up with the names he was calling them. Demon Spawn and Rosemary’s baby.

  2. Yea! Nikomus put up the twins for nomination! (Found out on I hope A is the one to go so Will doesn’t have to wait long for the boomerang. smile