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do i really need a laptop?

ever since reading about grace's wireless router, i've been dying to get a laptop so that i can blog from the couch down stairs. i'm thinking, i can watch tv, knit and blog all at the same time! talk about multi-tasking! so, i think i'm going over to the book store to do some pricing next week. i think i can afford it, if i watch my pennies (and stop buying art and dishes on ebay). hmmm... … [Read more...]

oh yeah?

any thoughts on the tiki look? … [Read more...]

back at home

the rocker picked me up from the airport yesterday. we didn't fight, we didn't argue, we just drove. we talked a bit, and decided to go eat. i started naming places and we ended up at boston market. just for the record, i hate boston market with a passion. i picked my battles yesterday. then we went and bought a bed! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? i can't. i'm still in shock. it arrives on sunday. it is so hard. he said it was the most comfortable bed he had laid on in a while. it is a twin. … [Read more...]

easter in galveston

today we drove down to gavelston. it was a quiet drive... not much traffic. we drove past tiki island. wouldn't that be a cool place to live, tiki island? i made all sorts of tiki jokes in the car. with a name like tiki island, why not laugh. anyhoo... bj made a nice dinner for us. we went down to the strand, but it was pouring. i bought some taffy to take to work on tuesday at this old soda fountain... but that was all the shopping that happened. what a shame. i just love … [Read more...]

it’s a tornado warning!

tonight mom and i went to dinner with mike and kim (pictures later). we went to this cute little tapa's place, mi luna. we decided to sit outside because it was so lovely (besides, the smoke is icky). all of a sudden, it started to rain. we thought, ok no big deal. then it got really windy and almost blew down the umbrella at our table. kim said look at the birds! there were three pigeons trying to fly into the wind. they were flapping as fast as they could, but going no where! it was … [Read more...]

i’m in houston

i made it to houston with no problems. actually, the flight was good, i took a little nap, watched radio and knitted some on the poncho i'm making for baby tabitha. mom is good. my aunt barbara is here. she has mellowed so much since the last time i saw her. we are really having a good time. i will say that i haven't found a yarn store. i was hoping to buy some new yarn while i was here. oh well. tonight we are having dinner with mike and kim. should be fun. no pictures today. maybe … [Read more...]

easter in houston

just in case i'm not in the mood to write until i get back... … [Read more...]

getting a back bone.

the rocker has been in pain for months. actually, i think he has been in pain more than 1/2 of our relationship, i'm thinking it may even be more than that. in the begining, he didn't make a big deal about it. i think he was just hoping that it would go away. finally, last month, i made an appointment for the rocker to visit my doctor. he went in, and was told he needed x-rays. he wasn't very serious about getting the x-rays, and then the first technician did them wrong. the 26th he had … [Read more...]

gigglechick, the perfect average jane!

you know, i got really angry during the first average joe. then i saw what happened on average joe 2. now, adam is no better than those nasty women. i think we need a REAL woman to go on NBC and show america how average people are... erin aka gigglechick should be average jane. god knows, a "pretty" woman isn't average, and the average man put in any situation with a "pretty" woman and a average woman would pick the "pretty" one. let an average girl show america how REAL women date, and … [Read more...]

am i sick, or do i just have allergys?

i've had this nasty sore throat since last sunday. that is 9 days of sore throat. can you say i'm sick of this sore throat? i went to urgent care on saturday, only to be told that i'm really not sick. isn't that pleasant? all i know is that i feel like shit. so, i've been knitting... trying to finish up all my old projects so that i can start a new one. my aran sweater is almost done, just about 3 inches left in the neck, and i'm done. thank god. i've only been working on it for a … [Read more...]