Archives for May 3, 2004

3 questions…

so i am snagging this from erin... I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions apiece, no more no less. You may ask me anything. Then to go to your journal or weblog, and copy and paste this allowing others (including myself) to ask you anything. Please do a trackback ping so I'll know that you copied it. Answers will be given in a follow-up post. … [Read more...]

voodoo, what voodoo?

saturday night was the san jose sabercats vs. the new orleans voodoo. gotta love arena football. i mean really. what could be more fun! now, as of saturday, these two teams were tied for the best record in the league. 9-2. now, i can't believe that my sabercats actually lost 2 games, but they did. going to the game was kinda a pain on saturday. the sharks played (and lost, excuse me?!?) at 12, and then the sabercats were supposed to play at 7:30. yeah, ok, like that didn't happen. we … [Read more...]