Archives for May 20, 2004

grocery store

i think this was the first night i have actually gone to the grocery store since the rocker left. i've been threatening to go, then i decide i don't want to. this trip, i talked to the pharmacist. ok, i always talk to the pharmacist. she is a cool lady that isn't too much older than i am. she tells me that i shouldn't be bothered that i have to pick-up my mothers prescriptions because, well, she is my mother. she also said something interesting... after telling her that i broke up with … [Read more...]


last night as carey was leaving the office, he said "would anyone like flowers from the flowermart? i'm going". now, carey has been uber nice to me since this whole rocker thing, and so i said "i'd love some pink glads". he said he would see what he could do. this morning, on my desk was a small bouquet of pink and white carnations, with all the fun bouquet extras. i'm so touched. he said the glads wern't worth buying and the flowers were really just extras from his project. regardless of … [Read more...]