Archives for May 27, 2004

helping out a neighbour

daisy and i walk alot. we walk 3 times a day, sometimes 4. we never walk far, but we always go out. most of the people who live in my "complex" know me... more importantly, they know daisy. daisy and i know most of the "dog" people. i know all the dog's names and such. on our walks, we often see the neighbours that live across the greenbelt from us. they don't have a dog, but really like daisy. they give her cookies. lots of cookies. about three weeks ago, i found out that the mom of … [Read more...]


i'd really like a new digital camera. one with zoom. i have a olympus D-320L... i'm finding that the pictures are fuzzier than i want, and i'd really like zoom. REALLY. i've been looking at the olympus c750. it looks like a good camera. it got excellent reviews. does anyone have a camera that they really enjoy, and takes good close up pictures as well as scenery shots? do you love it enough to recommend it? come on... tell me how to spend my $500 budget. forget tivo. i want a … [Read more...]