Archives for May 11, 2004

mar’s birthday

today, may 11 is my sisters birthday. happy birthday mar. i hope you had a nice day. … [Read more...]

gno goes persian

tuesday is girls night out. missey andrea, missey lisa and i try hard to have dinner together. the past two weeks, we have been flakey. this week, i needed gno. last week, it was ok... the rocker brought home quesidillas from baja fresh and we watched hockey. it was the last time we ate a meal together. so, i decided i'd better make sure there were no slackers. i sent the email out really early, and told everyone where and when. i then called andrea to make sure she would be … [Read more...]

what do you mean my status is DEAD

so, i pay WAY too much for my daisydo account. WAY too much. i have space i never use, bandwidth that i never use, and an host that is WAY too big. i have had this host for years... let me think now, 1997? i think that is about right... i had for a long time... then verio bought best, then i upgraded my account with them in 2001, then verio was bought by ntt. through out all these purchases, i have remained a loyal customer. why? because i am too lazy to change. i just don't … [Read more...]

when in doubt, buy art.

meet my newest piece of art. it's name is "blue dog - night flight" by anne leuck feldhaus. i've been watching this artist on ebay since i started buying art. i had put a $50 limit on my art purchases, and the new piece came in at $46. not too bad. i'm really happy to have it. i think it will be a good addition to the collection. i was feeling like i had too many cats. i'm also watching this other painting by peter gullerud. he has worked in disney's animation department. i'm thinking … [Read more...]