Archives for May 24, 2004

feeling better

i've been working on boring things today... it's been helpful. i'm not swimming in self pity anymore. actually, i've been watching the guys build my new cube across the quad. my walls are really tall... i've requested a door. lets see if it shows. … [Read more...]

emily turns one

i really wasn't looking forward to the weekend on friday. thus the custard puff for breakfast. i thought, i'll start friday by eating something yummy, and maybe the yumminess would just follow through to the weekend. well. ok. it was a thought. friday night was boring. it has been for years, why stop now. saturday, missey andrea and i took daisy, olive and baby tabitha to the dog park. daisy, was well behaved (for a change). she didn't try to mount anyone. that was good. olive on the … [Read more...]