what do you mean my status is DEAD

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so, i pay WAY too much for my daisydo account. WAY too much. i have space i never use, bandwidth that i never use, and an host that is WAY too big.

i have had this host for years… let me think now, 1997? i think that is about right… i had best.com for a long time… then verio bought best, then i upgraded my account with them in 2001, then verio was bought by ntt. through out all these purchases, i have remained a loyal customer. why? because i am too lazy to change. i just don’t really care that much.

now, i have 2 domains, and i’m paying $10 a month for a pointer. that’s right $120 a year. am i stupid or what?

i have always thought i paid for uptime. i have only had downtime problems once or twice in the past. nothing that really bothered me. today, i had downtime. more than 2 hours of downtime. i called, then i checked my status online… it said, “Your status is DEAD” i’m thinking are you kidding me? i’m having someone work on my site today! this is not appropriate.

i think it is time for me to find a new host. i’ve had a couple of suggestions of inexpensive hosts, i think it is time to check things out.

lets see, dump boyfriend, stand up to dad and fire host. boy, that is a lot of changes for one week. maybe i should wait until next week for the host thing…

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  1. I use r1hosting. http://r1hosting.com They do pretty good, there’s no real tech support, I’m not sure if that’s a problem for you or not though.