who needs friends.

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ok. i had a shitty weekend. SHITTY. i really want to write about it but, i’ve already cried more than 5 hours this weekend. i really don’t want to cry any more.

the only good thing was that the sabercats won last night. that’s it. that’s all.

i’ll write the cold, hard facts of the SHITTY weekend later. god, my friends are just down right mean some times.

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  1. ((hug))

  2. Bah, I’ve been a bad friend lately.  Not mean bad, just neglectful.  I was up to my own arse in shit this weekend too.  In fact I still am, but I hope to be sanitized soon.  Hang in there, post details when you feel like it, and I’ll be on the meanie -bashing bandwagon with Zoot!  p.s.  I love the tiara skin!  I MUST learn how to do that!

  3. Hang in there girl – and spill the details so we can bash people specifically and make you feel better.

    And yes – they can be mean.