helping out a neighbour

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daisy and i walk alot. we walk 3 times a day, sometimes 4. we never walk far, but we always go out. most of the people who live in my “complex” know me… more importantly, they know daisy. daisy and i know most of the “dog” people. i know all the dog’s names and such.

on our walks, we often see the neighbours that live across the greenbelt from us. they don’t have a dog, but really like daisy. they give her cookies. lots of cookies.

about three weeks ago, i found out that the mom of the family is in the national guard. she told me that she had been called to duty. she has 2 kids at home, one 16, the other is 10. she will be gone for a year. she told me that she is going to be stationed in london. i asked her about iraq, and she shushed me. i’m thinking that might be one of her stops.

she left for duty last monday.

i’ve never known someone that actually had to go into active service. it’s very scary. iraq is not anywhere i’d want to go. i can’t imagine. i really hope that she doesn’t end up there.

i’ve volunteered to make the family dinner once a week while she is gone. i had my first turn this evening. i think it turned out ok. actually, it was yummy, and they had 3rds, so they must have thought so too.

you know, i wasn’t really sure about doing it. i was concerned that i wouldn’t be able to talk, or i’d cry or something like that. NOPE. i had such a good time. we talked for an hour and a half. i talked about the rocker for a minute, but it was not the main topic of conversation. we talked about the houses, the neighbourhood, the daughters girl scout troup, homework… it was lovely.

i think i’m really going to enjoy these dinners. i’ve missed having evening company, and i’ve really missed cooking.

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  1. I had known people here and there who were in Germany, Korea, etc. And my brother in law was in Kuwait for a bit after the first Gulf War… It just seemed kind of something people did if they were in the service.

    Last spring a the “10 year old little kid” I used to ride bikes with in the neighborhood was run over by a HUMVEE during a sandstorm. They told his wife the news during his little girl’s 6th birthday party back home in San Diego.

    That makes it personal.

    Best wishes for your neighbor ? She’s already a hero in my book.