it doesn’t really smudge…  really!

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the stila smudge pot.  stays on thru 3 hours of crying with ABSOLUTELY no running, or smudging.last weekend i purchased my first smudge pot. i was doing some retail therapy, and i thought it would be fun. little did i know that i was going to do 3 hours of crying. i went upstairs to fix my face to find… I WAS STILL WEARING EYELINER. i had no mascara left, but this eyeliner was in tact.

i love this stuff. i now have 3 colors, grey, brown and plum (really purple).

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  1. oooooh.  Sounds like I need some.

    And hey, I can see my message showing up as I type it.  That’s awesome and kinda weird at the same time! Neat-o.