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My spoil-a-blogger pal Susanna loves me!

On Friday, I came home to a happy mail box. First, I got my new sunglasses that I bought at the deco show. They are really cool. I feel like I'm all vintage in them. Then I got my first spoil-a-blogger package! My palSusanna sent me some pattons splash yarn and this really cool purse accessory. I really like the yarn. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, but I don't think it's going to be a scarf. I'm thinking it will make a really cute little purse. So, that's where I'm … [Read more...]

The little birdies are getting big!

A little while ago, I showed you a birds nest and 4 little chicks that were in there. This weekend, I counted 5 little birds in that nest. One is very large (front), and the other very small (back). I saw them all in there, but wasn't successful getting a picture that shows all 5. I'm really excited about my birdies. Daisy has finally figured out that they are there. Now she looks up at the nest, just like I do, trying to figure out what all the comotion is about. I can't imagine being … [Read more...]


Has been eluding me as of late. I wish I knew what the problem was. Last night was just a series of cat naps. An hour here, two hours there. Poor Daisy was so irritated with me, she decided to sleep on the floor. I hope I solve the issue tonight. I'm exhauted. … [Read more...]

You’ve gotta have art…

You know that I've been spending cash on the house like mad. Seriously. It's been insane. This is one of the latest purchases. A sculpture I purchased on eBay over the weekend. Don't you think it's yummy? I've given you a view of the width of the fireplace so you can kinda tell how big it is. … [Read more...]

Just to keep you up to date, my projects…

This is a baby blanket I'm making for a woman at work. It's really a bright purple. It's knit corner to corner. I've got two skeins of the yarn, I figure I'll just keep increasing until I need to change skeins, then I'll decrease. Should work well. It's called sherpa. I started knitting this baby sweater for Ian, but I'm afraid he is too big for it now. I need to finish it, and give it to baby Rowyn. He should be able to wear it in a year or so. I bought this yarn at Stitches … [Read more...]

Big Brother 6

I've been thinking about Big Brother for weeks. Just wondering when it's going to come back. Waiting patiently for it to show up on my TiVO. I keep checking, and nothing. So finally, I went to to check things out. They say JULY 7th! July 7th?!? That is forever from now! It's wrong, damn it. Just wrong. … [Read more...]

When in doubt…

Buy one of these... Seriously. Nothing is better than watching a stupid flower rocking back and forth on your desk. Ok, I lied, but that's not an option for me right now. This is. … [Read more...]

Kick boxing and ice cream, do they mix?

Tonight I started my kick boxing class. I don't know what possessed me, but I said, hey, I need kick boxing. So, I went, and I did it. And I'm damn tired. But after all that exercise, I couldn't figure out dinner. So, I had a tuna sandwich and Ben & Jerry's Everything but the... ice cream. Yummy. I would imagine that I put all the calories that I worked off right back in. Oh well. I'll ride some more off tomorrow. I'm trying hard to get back on the diet thing. Hmph. With things at … [Read more...]

Sixteen Candles, revisited?  What?

Rumour has it that Molly Ringwald is thinking about doing a sequel to Sixteen Candles. Ok, so that just sounds so weird. I mean really. I remember seeing Sixteen Candles at the movie theatre. (Yeah, I aged myself, who cares.) I just don't think I can picture it. But then, I guess we get to know if she really ended up with Jake. That could be fun. But who ended up with Farmer Ted? And, will he still have head gear? Also, how are they going to get John Cusack to come back and play such a … [Read more...]

I guess I’m not so bad at grad school!

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